New Beginnings

In August 2017, the Georgia College Foundation received the gift of Andalusia: the Home of Flannery O’Connor from the Flannery O’Connor/Andalusia Foundation.  Following this gift, the university closed Andalusia for one year to access the property, conduct necessary repairs, stabilize the site’s historic resources, improve access, and hire a staff.  Following the completion of this work, Andalusia reopened to the public on June 19, 2018.

Since its reopening, we have been committed to fulfill our mission of interpreting the site and its collections to illustrate the history of the site during the time in which O’Connor lived on the property from 1951-1964.  We have accomplished a great deal in the last year including conducting an archeological assessment of the areas around the historic nail house and peafowl runs, programming two exhibitions, reinterpreting the site with a new fully guided tour, restored many original objects to the museums, increased our hours of operation, and even hosted a birthday party for Flannery! 

Looking ahead, we will continue our work to stabilize, conserve, and restore the site so that future generations can experience the magic that is Andalusia and why this place mattered as a source of inspiration to Flannery O’Connor.   If you have not visited  or haven’t visited recently, we hope that you will come to Milledgeville and see this wonderful piece of our collective history.

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