Looking Back

Can you believe how time flies? I’ve already been at Andalusia for six months! Sometimes I feel like I’ve just started here a few weeks ago, even if I feel like I’ve slipped into the routine of this work, like I’ve been working here for years. I can still remember my first day here at Andalusia. The mix of nerves and excitement flooded through me as I sat at my desk for the first time, looked out at the grounds, and felt the weight and excitement of this brand-new opportunity. So, I hit the ground running, without a second to waste.

My proudest achievement to date is the Drop Me a Card exhibit. One task I was assigned early on was to create an exhibit that would start in February. With February in mind, Valentine’s Day came to mind shortly after, and from this idea the exhibit was born. Knowing that the exhibit is up and that you, the public, read and enjoy it is such a surreal feeling. And although Drop Me a Card will close soon, it will always be special to me and has a special place in my heart as my first public exhibition.

One of the objects featured in Drop Me a Card. (2022.1.2a, gift of the Flannery O’Connor – Andalusia Foundation).

I knew that Andalusia hosted many events, and it has lived up to that understanding and expectation.  The birthday celebration was such a fun day! Being around so many people, both in person and online, who were all there to learn about and celebrate Flannery O’Connor and us here at Andalusia. And it was fascinating to learn about the other writers featured in our Front Porch Lecture Series. And helping stream the lectures and facilitate the questions.

Close up picture of Flannery’s birthday cake.

I think the only task I have yet to complete is making Astor and Mrs. Shortly my friends. I haven’t given up on that, it just hasn’t happened yet. 

Since I’ve covered the past six months so far, let’s look at the next six months, and some things that we have coming up! 

Drop Me a Card is closing this Saturday, which means a new exhibit is coming! While I can’t say anything specific about it now, I know it’s going to be fascinating, and will continue to show off some of our objects that the public has not seen. We are also bringing back the Front Porch Lecture Series in the fall. For both of these things, keep an eye on our Social Medias, where we make all the updates and announcements about new exhibits and events. We also post updates on the new Interpretive Center there, so you should follow along to continue to see our updates!

The last six months have been exciting and busy, and I wouldn’t change anything! Here’s to the next six months! May they be just as exciting and educational as the first few.

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